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Lidia Piqué Pinto

Lidia Piqué was born in Barcelona in 1967. From the age of 9, she has been a frequent visitor to the island of Menorca. Captivated by its beauty, the colors of its waters, and the tranquility of its landscapes, she chose it as her sanctuary of peace.

Curiosity about art, languages, and other cultures led her, in her youth, to learn figurative art techniques at the University of San Diego, California (UCSD). Later, she studied art history at the University of the Sorbonne in Paris. Since those moments, art has become one of her hobbies.

In Dubai, she met Almudena Angoso. Falling in love with her work, she proposed they embark on a project together, inviting Almudena to become the resident artist and art director of the gallery.

Their shared sensitivity for art, especially contemporary and oriental, led them to establish Ensō Art Gallery. It's a space to deeply connect and flow with art, a dream come true for Lidia Piqué. She describes it as her own personal and professional "Ensō" (circle) in Maó, Menorca, the beautiful island where she grew up surrounded by its seas.

In another aspect of her professional life, Lidia creates art in motion with her body and hands, drawing slow, fluid “Ensō” circles. She achieves this through ancient techniques like tea ceremonies, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, sound therapy with Tibetan bowls and gongs, and writing. Her self-help books, published by Isthar Editorial—"Living Better is Possible" and "Take Your Tea and Be"—introduce various Eastern and Western tools she has experienced and offers to help connect with inner peace.

Additionally, as a lover of Asian culture, she practices Ensō strokes and the Japanese painting style known as Sumi-e, derived from Taoism and Zen Buddhism, as a form of active meditation.

Ensō is a state where body, mind, and spirit must be in harmony to achieve the circle of fulfillment with a single stroke. This is the core feeling we aim to provide you with at Ensō Art Gallery.
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